Pastor and Sis Reynolds for protection, health and Anointing
Misa Bosley needs prayer for cancer and her treatment is difficult. 

I have several special prayer requests for King’s Chapel, Cranbrook

  1. Bro Cummings’ brother Chris Cummings is terminally ill with cancer.  He was baptized 36 years ago.  We are going to teach him Into His Marvelous Light.  Pray he received the Holy Ghost.
  2. Bro Cummings’ other brother, Steve Cummings has been taking a Bible Study via video Messenger.  Pray he received the Holy Ghost soon! 
  3. My brother-in-law, Dennis Blomme, is having heart trouble.  We need a miracle.


Thanks for the support in prayer.  I know what God did for my Mom when the district prayed.  We need more miracles.

 God bless,

 Sis Cummings

Please Pray for Crystal Vines who needs a job and is suffering from insomnia and panic attacks.

Please Pray for  Wyatt, 9 years old, who has cancer

Please for Alfred who has Pancreatic Cancer 
Gordon Allen, Jaime Allen’s father suffering with Dementia
David who needs prayer for his heart 
Sis Fayter is asking for prayer
Jennifer Barnes and family was needing prayer


Those affected by Covid-19