Pastor and Sis Reynolds for protection, health and Anointing

Our next target city for focused prayer is Vernon. Vernon is a picturesque city located in the North Okanagan region and has a surrounding population of 61,000 people.

Vernon is well known for its many lakes and beaches in the summer and its 2 major ski hills in the winter.

Vernon lies 50 Kms from the nearest United Pentecostal church ,which is in Kelowna and that is very sad.
Let’s pray over this city over the next week that the will of God would be accomplished in establishing a United Pentecostal church in Vernon.

We need a truth teaching church in Vernon B.C!


Please Pray for  Wyatt, 9 years old, who has cancer

Please for Alfred who has Pancreatic Cancer 
Marianne Dumont who has Cancer
Gordon Allen, Jaime Allen’s father suffering with Dementia
Sis Fayter is asking for prayer
Jennifer Barnes and family was needing prayer


Those affected by Covid-19