Hands of Grace Deaf Ministry

Deaf Ministry is a very important ministry to the Church, like any other Ministry. It is a Ministry that reaches the Deaf Community. It allows us to reach these people through the Word of God with our hands and it allows us to help bring this special harvest in. I am a CODA which means a child of a Deaf Adult. I had a mother that was deaf. I learned at a young age to do ASL which is American Sign Language.
I have a burden to reach this Community for many years. I started this Ministry to help people of the Church know that there is a very important need to reach this community just as much as any other Ministry. The need is there, these people are hungry too. We need to do what we can. I believe that we will have a beautiful group of deaf people in Emmanuel. The Lord has blessed us already with 3 deaf people that visited us in our services. I also have a few watching our services on Ustream, especially when one of the saints from our team is ministering for the Church. Since this has been happening a fair amount, my deaf friends have asked when is the full service going to be interpreted?! I believe that it is coming very soon.
Sis. Margaret Forseth (Director)
Please keep this Ministry in your prayers.