Cell Ministry

(home bible studies)


                             Cell ministry is held at different homes around the lower mainland. They            

                       are bible studies in a group setting for people who have a desire to learn

                       about the bible. The people within the group can vary from all ages and

                       from all backgrounds. Whether you are a very knowledgable about the Word of God or nothing at all, all are welcome. This bible studies can be about numerous biblical subjects like the love of God, doctrine, repentance, baptism etc. Each meeting begins with a welcome, continuing with a bible study and lastsly it is finished with some appetizers. Mostly it is held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00PM. As mentioned, there are a few around the area therefore if someone is interested in attending please contact eddie87.sepulveda@gmail.com, Eduardo Sepulveda is the director of the cell ministry and he will direct you to the one closest to you.

Each year there are also two or three events called "Friend Day", each cell invites their friends  from their bible studies and it becomes a potluck event filled with games for all ages.